Archaeological Museum of Kissamos

The Archaeological Museum of Kissamos is housed in the old Venetian-Turkish Government House and it is located at the beach town of Kissamos in western Crete, beneath which lies the ancient Kissamos.

The exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Kissamos provide a longitudinal picture of the history of the wider area from prehistory to late antiquity, meaning the early Christian period.

The museum is divided into sections based on chronological and local criteria and is distributed on the ground floor and the first floor of the building,  so the visitor can see the antiquities of the region in chronological order. Moreover the findings are presented in excavation sets and themes.

The entire exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Kissamos includes enough information and visual material. For more detailed information and to attract the interest of visitors there is an online presentation with research information and documentation about the most devastating earthquake of antiquity in 365 AD, that affected Crete and destroyed Kissamos.


The Archaeological Museum of Kissamos has ramps at the entrance and an elevator that provides access to the upper floor and a toilet, especially designed for people with disabilities.

Phone: +0030 28220 83308 

Opening Hours: 9:00 – 16:00

Ticket: € 2 – € 1


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