Telonio Kissamos

In the westernmost part of the vast beach that starts from Kissamos and ends at Nopigia, lies the beautiful beach of Telonio. The beach took its name from the old customs office, which was situated there until a few years ago.

Next to the beach is a popular pedestrian street of Kissamos, where you will find taverns, restaurants, cafes, rooms and everything else you need if you choose to visit the area. The beach of Telonio has pebbles and sand but is not organized. It is considered by many to be the ideal choice for seclusion and peace near the center of Kissamos.

Telonio is located next to the most cosmopolitan point of the region. Despite the natural beauty of the coast and the nearby location of the city – although in the past it was popular – it no longer attracts many people, who now prefer to go to other nearby beaches.